They don't know about Soccer in the US

You think that a country with 302,999,014 habitants should know a bit more about the world's largest sport, Soccer, a name that only they call it by.

I was watching a NCAA soccer game earlier this evening, it was awful. It must've been at least 5000 people attending the game, I feel for them, really.

All they did was shooting the ball as far as they could, and kicked the shit out of each other. One thing I noticed was that the time was stopped when a card was handed out. Did they name it Soccer because it's a different sport? Cus they sure as hell got different rules.

The funniest, no I should say the sadest part of the game was the commentators, who whenever they were given an opportunity, were talking about last night's football game!

And the gear, what the **** are they wearing?

They say that David Beckham is in the US to help the sport grow bigger... Good luck, seriously, I believe in him, but he could use the help of, hmm, lets see, Ronaldinho, C. Ronaldo, Ferdinand, Robinho, Zidane, Zlatan and not to forget God.

But on the other hand, who can blame the American people's neglect of "Soccer" when they've got the most amazing sport with the rest of the world's name over it?


Let them have the word, because it's hell more of a sport.

Here below you can see the Arena called "Monster's Park" where I'm going to see San Francisco 49ers welcoming Seattle Seahawks at this Sunday's Night Football.



Kickoff way down the field, more likely half way around the world,
turn into pit stop to reflect the story that's behind these words,
thought it was a big loss just a moment ago
and I was out of control
but I got it back and it's time to close the show...

Miss you

Play secretary and the boss tonight

I've got a large bag of m & m's and a glass of coke infront of me and my Ipod in my ears, it's playing Niprone - Closed eyes. YEAH!

I'm in the US damn it! Not suppose to eat healthy.

Well, maybe I should, it's actually scary to see how people abuse their own bodies over here. Yeah we've got overweight people in sweden aswell, but this, it's like halloween everyday and everybodies custome choice is "The fat man/lady with a chocolate bar attached to both hands".

I don't even wanna get into it, just don't know what to write about :D

"We're bound to brake promises we make, but it's kinda strange cuz we're not allowed to make mistakes" - Niprone

Haha Yeah, I love his music, he could be the best songwriter ever, in my opinion...

Nah, I'm tired, beedtime!

Miss you J, K, C, J, E, C, K.... ;D